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Rules of Random Forum

Post by DefyingGravity on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:53 am

These rules must be followed. A member is given 3 warnings before given a ban.

1. No swearing or inappropriate talk. I want this to be a G-PG site.

2. All links posted must be approved by a staff first.

3. No double posting unless 24 hours have passed.

4. Keep only one version of every topic.

5. No text-talk. There can be like lol, rofl, omg, and so on, just not like "i feel gr8!! way better than b4!!!"

6. Go easy on the punctuation. I don't wanna see 90 exclamation points just because you got to go to California or Hawaii for your birthday.

7. Don't be afraid to talk to the staff about things. We don't bite. =^.^=

8. Try to spell correctly. If you can't spell it, go to Google. Or get Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. If it has a built in spell check, I'd use it.

9. Spamming isn't allowed. Spam is typing all stupid and being all "WOOOWOWOOWOWOWOW!!!!! THAT'S THE BEST THING I'VE EVVVERRR SEEEEENNNN!!!"

10. At least 2-3 words a post. I don't wanna see you replying to someone's post as "okay." If you need to say "shortness" go ahead. I just don't wanna see our forum filled with posts like "okay." "whatever." "idk." "omg!!" and so on.

11. Avoid huge text. Unless it's something important, try to avoid text this big. It's pointless, and annoying.

12. In the "Ranters Welcome" forum, don't complain too much. Complaining as in "UGH! I HATE how this forum has black as the link color!!"

13. Don't make fun of other's likes. I mean, if someone likes Twilight, and you like Harry Potter, don't be all "TWILIGHT!!! EWWWW." I'm personally a HP fan, but I don't say things like that. You can say things like "I hate Harry Potter/Twilight." Just don't be all spazzy.

14. Advertising. If you'd like to advertise your forum/site, ask a mod if you can. If they say no, don't argue. If you want, ask what was about the forum/site they didn't like. The moderator won't always tell you why, but if they do, suggest a way to fix it, and if they agree, then go ahead.

15. Religion/Politics talk isn't allowed. If people ask why you can't eat pork for some reason, you can say you're a Muslim. I just don't want you guys to be bashing on where you're from, your religion, etc.

16. Only post if you're going to be meaningful. I don't wanna see you going "That's the worst post ever." You can be like "I don't really agree..."

17. Respect each other. Some members may be more sensitive than you are, so be careful what you say.

18. No whining. If someone just got a new game that you wanted really bad, don't be like "HEYY!!! I WANTED TO GET THAT!!" You can say you wanted it, just don't be all spazzy.

As stated above, breaking these rules will result in a warning. 3 warnings and you'll be banned for a week. If you get another warning after unbanned, perma banned. If you make new accounts and spam the forums or something, IP banned.

Any questions, PM any of the staff members.


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