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RPG Section Rules

Post by MischiefManaged on Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:41 pm

Here are the rules for this section.

1. Unless it goes against these rules of the forum, what the starter of the RPG says goes.

2. If you wanna make an RPG, but it's similar to another RPG, ask the person who came up with the idea first if it's okay to use the idea.

3. No Godmodeling. It means to have a character that's impossible to defeat.

4. Be literate.

5. At least 3 sentences per post.

6. Only drop out of an RPG if you have a good reason. Getting behind, isn't a good reason. Ask the starter of an RPG if they could close the RPG until you catch up if your getting behind.

7. Don't lose track of all the RPGs you've started.

8. Looks for the characters can be site models [keep it g-rated.], tekteks, or words.

9. Unless specified, characters must be different. You can use the same first name a few times if you want, but no having same names. Try to be unique.

10. Moderators of the RPG forum have the right to edit any post, and change something if needed.

11. Please, don't have ultra-bleeding. That's disturbing.

12. Keep the RPGS G-PG

13. If an RPG gets boring, ask the starter of the RPG if it's okay to change the time [[Like an hour later or in a few weeks]]

Any questions please PM any staff member

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