Taken [a story I'm working on]

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Taken [a story I'm working on]

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The pale girl cleared her throat, and turned her piercing blue eyes on all of them. “As most of you know, 26 people have gone missing in the past week.” A tear rolled down quickly from her eyes, and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. Biting the inside of her cheeks, she continued. “This cannot go on any longer. We’ve just lost too many, and there’s only hope left to recover them.”

“So you’re saying that there’s only hope that we can recover them?” said a boy of about seventeen fiercely. “Why can’t we actually go search for them!” he practically screamed. “MY SISTER WAS TAKEN!” he screamed, getting up from the audience, and moving swiftly towards the stage. “DON’T YOU-“he stopped suddenly, and broke into a hysteric sob.

She walked down calmly to the floodlights of the stage, jumping gracefully down. “Caleb, calm down.” She said softly. “You know who I lost too!” she said raising her voice slightly, completely forgetting there was an audience in front of her. Turning her head slightly, her bright red hair swished, and she looked at the audience. Getting up, going back to the stage, she spoke in the microphone, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be having a fifteen minute recess. Please collect your thoughts and ideas on the matter, and enjoy refreshments while you wait.” She said in the most professional way she could. As everyone left the stuffy auditorium, she went back next to Caleb. She kneeled down next to him, as he sat on the cold concrete ground.

“It’s just so hard Piper…. I just don’t know what it is, it’s like a part of my soul has been ripped out”, he said, multiple tears rolling down his face.

Piper stared at him, looking into his face. “I know” she said softly. “Everyone in my family is gone.” she said. “Every last one of them… It’s so hard to wake up in the morning - and no one is there. I agree we need to do something, but first, we need to make sure no one else is taken.” She said braving the words that were coming out of her mouth. It was hard for her to even say this, she wanted the same things he wanted, to just have her family back. He lost his sister, his best friend, the only person who understood him completely. But she lost her whole family, which meant the world to her. Her family was the people who were always there for her, no matter what she was going through. Piper bit the inside of her cheeks once again, and got up from her position on the floor. “They’ll be back soon”, she whispered. Referring to the mass crowd of people outside of the auditorium.

“Right.”, Caleb said almost silently. Piper looked down at her watch which she had set for fifteen minutes, there was two minutes left on the clock, and she walked back up onto the stage. She stood in front of the podium, and watched Caleb as he got up from the ground finally. “Are you okay for now?” she asked him.

“For now”, he said silently, faking a smile. Piper let a little smile escape her lips, and started to perfect the papers that were in front of her on the podium, so when the doors opened she’d be ready for the mass chaos that awaited her.

Chapter One

Piper flashed one of her winning smiles into the camera. Her mom always told her that one of her smiles could cheer up anyone, and Piper didn’t doubt that. As the photographer took pictures of her for the Christmas cards her parents were planning to be sent out, Piper just stood there and smiled.
“Now one with the two sisters.” The photographer said in a thick German accent. Piper’s small sister Mary scurried over next to Piper, and gave a tiny smile to the camera.

Mary always says she is ten years old and six months, from the day she turned ten, to the day she was to turn eleven. She was small for a ten year old, only about fifty five pounds, and 4’8. She is quite the beauty though, almost like a porcelain doll. She has a pale complexion, rosy cheeks, warm chocolate brown eyes, and blond hair with beautiful ringlets. These thoughts raced through Piper’s head as she posed with her sister. I’m just about the dead opposite, she thought. At only sixteen years old, I know I’m going to be a freak of nature. I guess I’m tall, skinny… which most girls will kill for. The only thing I have in common with Mary is that we’re both extremely pale. I have fire engine red hair; you know… the kind girls dye all the time? The only thing I like about myself is I have the brightest ice blue eyes.

The two girls posed together and soon enough their parents joined in as well. Mary was the younger version of her mom, without the wrinkles and the bits of grey hair, they could have been sisters.
“I’m going to look at the proofs for these, don’t go far”, the photographer finally said. Piper let out a sigh of relief, and walked over to the table of refreshments. She picked up a bottle of diet coke, and grabbed a couple of pretzels, and glanced over to her parents, who were both busily typing away on their Blackberries. A little frown formed on her face, and let out a little sigh. They’re always working, she thought sadly. Piper’s parents were the leaders of the small island nation they lived on, off of the coast of France.

It’s a nice little country though. Its existence is known by only a few and only hosts a small population of about ten thousand people. The island named Tmugji, is a tropical paradise one could say. It stays about 80 degrees year round, even for it being in the north.

“These look great”, the photographer finally said after about twenty minutes. “You’ll receive the cards to send out in about a week or so.” As he said this, he started to pack up his camera and lighting. Piper was quite sure that her parents hadn’t even heard a word of what he had said. They were still staring down at their phones, a look of panic and distress on their face. Piper’s father’s phone rang, and he picked it up. She frowned, and watched as her parents rushed into the house.
“This can’t be possible… they haven’t been here for over 500 years.” Said Piper’s Father William into the phone. Sweat started to form on his forehead, and his wife stood next to him, just as nervous as he was.

“Well, it is”, said the chilling voice of a women with great power on the other line. “They’ve started to take people again. It’s just a repeat of what happened in the 1500’s. You need to do something, and quick. Before you’re whole nation is gone.” And with a click, the phone went dead, and the two were left in the silence alone.


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